State Nomination Authorities Updates

Feb 2020

Updates regarding changes announced by the State Nomination Authorities

SA Occupation list

Changes in the status of occupation availability

Special Conditions Apply

121313 Dairy Cattle Farmer

132511 Research and Development Manager

249214 Music Teacher (Private Tuition)

121221 Vegetable Grower

254412 Registered Nurse (Aged Care)

Low Availability

133411 Manufacturer

241111 Early Childhood (Pre-primary School)


New occupation 251513 Retail Pharmacist is now available on the graduate occupation list. It is available for Regional WA Only . You will need to have offer letter from the businesses located in locations listed in Category 3 Regional Centres and other regional areas.


New application guidelines are now available. One main change spotted was addition of following category on the guidelines.

–       Submit following documents for proof of period of completed ACT study (if applicable)

o   Academic Transcript from ACT institution

o   Record of your enrolment history, including results received, courses attempted, and awards conferred.

o   Letter of course completion from ACT tertiary institution.

Tasmania 190 visa

–       Category 3 overseas applicant job offer is permanently closed for Tasmania 190 nominations. Refer to Please refer to Subclass 491 category 3B for alternative overseas applicant Job Offer information. Find more information 

–       State Authority recently announced that multiple nominations are not permitted. Applicants granted a Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa will not be able reapply for a Subclass 190 in the future. The Subclass 491 visa provides a pathway to permanent residency by way of a Subclass 191 visa. Previous state nominees supported for a Subclass 489 visa will need to follow the pathway to permanent residency by way of the Subclass 887 visa.

Australia’s immigration law and visa system are very complicated. Any small mistake can waste your precious time and money, and may even lead to more serious refusal consequences. If you want to know the specific requirements of this visa, or whether your employer qualifies for the sponsorship, please contact our experienced immigration agent to help you.

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