What should I do if my permanent resident expires?

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If the visa expires, but you do not plan to leave the country, you can stay in Australia and still enjoy all your previous treatment. However, the visa expired and you need to leave the country, and you have not yet obtained citizenship.
You need to apply A Resident Return visa

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A Resident Return visa is a travel facility for:

You will need a Resident Return visa if the travel facility on your current visa has expired (your first granted permanent visa has a 5 year travel facility) or is about to expire and you want to travel overseas and retain your permanent resident status.

Departing Australia without a RRV may impact your permanent residency requirements for citizenship.


You must be:

  • an Australian permanent resident
  • a former permanent resident whose last permanent visa was not cancelled
  • a former Australian citizen who lost or renounced your citizenship.

Length of stay

This is a permanent visa that has a travel facility of up to 5 years.


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