Immigration Departments News Update

The Department is currently experiencing a significant increase in Temporary Graduate visa applications and is focused on managing the biggest peak for this program. We thought it would be timely to remind agents of the necessary documentation to upload to ImmiAccount when lodging a Graduate Work Stream (GWS) application.

The Department can make a decision on a Temporary Graduate visa application with the information provided without requesting further documentation. It is important to remember there are stringent time of application documentation that must be provided when lodging a GWS application.

Temporary Graduate visa applicants must provide evidence of:
1. Meeting the Australian Study Requirement
2. Undertaking an eligible English language test in the three (3) years prior to lodgement or hold an eligible passport;
3.Applying for an Australian Federal Police (AFP) check during the twelve (12) months immediately before the day the application is made. This requirement also applies to any dependant applicant included in the application who are over the age of sixteen (16);
4. Adequate health insurance for all applicants;
5.and Applying for a skills assessment for their nominated occupation with the relevant assessing authority.

The Departmental website also provides information about the program, including statistics, visa requirements, and average global processing times.

VET sector update – Nepal Student visa cohort

From 1 May 2019, all Nepalese citizens (both in and outside Australia) applying for a Student visa in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector will be required to provide evidentiary documentation of English and Financial capacity irrespective of the education provider or country evidence levels.

This means a ‘Streamlined’ student visa applicant from Nepal wishing to study a VET sector course in Australia will also need to submit documents that prove their English language ability and financial capacity to pay for their studies, living expenses and dependents (if any) at the time they lodge their visa application.

The requirement to provide documentation may not be reflected in the Department’s online DocumentChecklist Tool. However, VET sector applicants are advised to submit the required documentation to lodge a
complete application in addition to meeting all other visa requirements. Where this documentation is not provided with the visa application, the Department will request it. However, this may delay the processing of
visa applications. This requirement will be applicable for the foreseeable future.

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