Changes to TRA Skills Assessments from July 2022

Due to a change of the Australian Immigration Department was no longer requested Provisional Skills Assessment for 485 Temporary Graduate Visa (Graduate Work Stream), TRA has changed the Job Ready Program as below; 

  • PSA has replaced JRPRE (Job Ready Program Registration and Eligibility)
  • JRORE will verify your identity and Australian Qualifications. You will need a successful JRP Registration and Eligibility check before proceeding to JRE (Job Ready Employment). 
  • Updated Fees 


TRA Full skill assessments are required who want to apply for 491 Visa, 190 Visa and 189 Visa. 

If you want to process Full skill assessments with our professional migration agents, please contact us

For more information, we welcome you to contact our professional migration agents Paul and Sarah. 

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